Considering Summer School?

Considering Summer School?

Evaluate the Pros and Cons

With spring semester already halfway over, students are looking ahead to the summer. Some are heading home and working part-time jobs, while others might have earned a prestigious internship in their field. Still others might opt to stay on campus and take a few credits. If you’re evaluating summer school, here are some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Catch up. If you’re not on track to graduate in four years, taking a few summer classes can help put you back on schedule.
  • Lighten your load. Enrolling in summer classes means you can take fewer credits during the spring and fall, making those semesters slightly less stressful. For example, a three-credit course in the summer can reduce your fall load from 15 credits to 12.
  • Enjoy a quieter campus. Soak in the less hectic vibe of your campus during the summer. You can still enjoy all of the school’s amenities, like the recreation center, without crowds.


  • Risk burnout. Twelve months of classes can burn out even the best student. If you feel like you need a break from classes this summer, take it.
  • Enjoy fewer class choices. Colleges offer fewer classes in the summer, so make sure the classes you want are available before you commit to staying on campus. Often, higher level courses aren’t as readily available.
  • Miss out on work experience. A summer internship can go a long way in landing you a job after graduation. A summer spent on campus means you’ll miss any professional opportunities out there this summer.