Job outlook for 2012 graduates

Job outlook for 2012 graduates

Job market looks promising

The spring semester is coming to a close, meaning a new batch of freshly degreed graduates are about to enter the workforce—hopefully. It’s no secret that the job market has been difficult for several years now, and graduates with little experience often are left in the dark due in such challenging economic climates.

Good news surfaced this week for soon-to-be college grads. Their job outlook is improving after years of dismal reports for the newest members of the workforce. Unemployment rates have decreased, and job prospects have become more numerous in recent months. Graduates might see more available jobs this summer, which can lead to full-time employment.

Although recent graduates might lack experience, they also appeal to employers for a few reasons. First, they’re relatively cheap labor compared to their more experienced counterparts. Young adults bring energy and excitement to the workplace, which can revitalize a lackluster office. Creative, technologically driven new graduates can add a lot to a workplace, and many employers are starting to take notice.

So, impending graduates should be encouraged by reports of a strengthening job market. Start preparing for a job search now—don’t wait until you’ve graduated. Develop a resume that highlights your academic background and experience, whether that was gained through a summer internship or on-campus job. Talk to professors about serving as references. Scour job listings. Target potential organizations that you would like to work for.

It’s never too early to launch your job search, and since graduation is just weeks away, get a jump start on your transition into the real world.